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Easy Batik tutorial

Last year around this time (Thanksgiving on the mind) I got it in my head that I wanted to make a special Batik tablecloth for Thanksgiving. I wanted to get an inexpensive drop cloth and go crazy customizing it with patterns and prayers of thanksgiving. That never happened because I was afraid of the mess […]

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Sandpaper – Grits, Types and Uses

Hi Reduction Rebels! I have an interesting guest post today. As you know, I don’t accept a lot of guest posts but this one happened to catch my eye. When I started out as a DIYer, I often skipped the sanding step. Was I being cheap? Maybe. But the real issue was I didn’t see […]

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Does Your Tween Love to Decorate?

  DIY decorating has been all the rage for homeowners – but what about kids who’d like to get in on the creativity? How does the younger generation get to practice what they love? When I was a kid, I loved to decorate, but there was no way my mother was going to let me […]

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