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Does Your Tween Love to Decorate?

  DIY decorating has been all the rage for homeowners – but what about kids who’d like to get in on the creativity? How does the younger generation get to practice what they love? When I was a kid, I loved to decorate, but there was no way my mother was going to let me […]

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How to Upcycle Popcorn Tins

Sorry, I just cannot get off this Christmas in July theme! But now I’m doing a reverse of my previous post. Last Christmas my husband’s cousin gave us a big tin of popcorn when she came to our annual Kick Off Christmas party that we host on Thanksgiving night. We very much enjoyed the popcorn, […]

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Barbie Dream House Makeover – Part 1

Last week I took a chance on a vintage Barbie Dream House Dollhouse. Actually I had no idea it was a Barbie dollhouse when I garbage picked it. And if you recall, I have two sons – not into dollhouses – but who thought it was super cool. The timing of this doll house find […]

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How to Fix Hair Dye Gone Wrong

Last week I was feeling a little crazy and decided to dye my hair red. Not just regular red but I thought I wanted my hair to be a little darker than my normal dirty blonde color. What happened was, I chose a red hair dye that turned out to be burgundy. Unfortunately, Sharon Osbourne […]

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Save Soap from Washing Away

My mother-in-law was the first person to introduce me to combating soap waste. She used to place a sponge under each bar of soap in her home. The sponge was usually trimmed to the exact size of the bar of soap (she was too good!). I thought it was a brilliant idea and I’ve used it […]

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How to Make a DIY Soft Basket

My son and I keep our sunglasses on a shelf in the garage for easy access on the way out the door. This seemed like a reasonable plan until occasionally we’d put our glasses on the wooden shelf with the lenses facing down. Before you cringe, I’ll divulge that the glasses were free from my […]

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